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renovations & remodels

North Dallas

A backyard transformation from naturalistic to modern and contemporary. New concrete deck, new tile, new leuders stone coping with straight line miter cuts and drainage landscaping package.


Worn plaster, leaky glass block spa dam wall and loose tiles with beam damage. New tile, plaster with spotter tiles on steps and benches and re-constructed spa dam wall with bridged spillways.

University Park

Gated villas with a private indoor spa needed a cosmetic update. All new interior and exterior tile with a luxurious glass tile trim.

the old pool

Highland Park - This 25 year old pool and spa structure needed some cosmetic updates. The washed aggregate deck was worn and painful to walk on with bare feet. The brick coping was dated as was the waterline tile. The plaster interior was severely worn.

the new pool

Highland Park - New travertine coping was custom cut and placed on the pool and spa beam. Two bridged spillways were placed in the spa dam wall and then capped with travertine coping. The pool structure was given a new look with inverted radius corners topped with travertine coping. All new waterline tile and plaster interior with spotter tiles. All new stamped, stained and sealed concrete deck.