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pool crack repair & structural failure

Why do pools crack? We have observed full thickness structural cracks where the primary cause is surcharging forces acting on the structure from surrounding clay soils and/or movement settlement. However, Our experience and invasive evaluations including core testing of cracked and failed concrete structures reveals that poor workmanship and/or poor concrete quality at the time of construction plays an alarming and significant role. 

What should I do if I have a crack in my pool and water loss? First and foremost, make a determination if the crack is in fact a full thickness leaking crack by dye testing the crack with a diver experienced in evaluating and detecting leaks in cracked concrete pool/spa structures. A crack on the plaster surface is not indicative of a full thickness structural crack. Water loss accompanied with cracks on the pool/spa interior surface should be ruled out for full thickness structural cracks by diver dye testing. If dye uptake is observed, then further investigation is recommended by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer with expertise in failure investigation and evaluation of in-ground concrete pool/spa structures as soon as possible. Consideration should be given to immediately drain the vessel and employ hydrostatic relief measures. Attempts to seal the crack with a topical underwater epoxy putty will be temporary at best and not recommended as a best case scenario especially in areas where known highly expansive soils exist.

Our proven repair methodologies have a 98% success rate over the term of the warranty. We offer a 5 year, 7 year and 10 year limited parts & labor warranty on our pool crack stabilization and sealing measures. NO OTHER POOL CRACK REPAIR COMPANY IN TEXAS OFFERS A BETTER WARRANTY ON THIS TYPE OF REPAIR. Please inquire within for more information.

our unmatched warranty program

What are my options if I have a full thickness structural crack? Contact a credentialed building professional with expertise in crack stabilization & sealing methodologies and a proven track record that can offer you a meaningful warranty and expert guidance for dealing with your cracked concrete structure. Your search for this professional in the DFW area will likely end here.

What is the value of a visual evaluation?  Our position regarding written guidance from any expert based on a limited visual evaluation of any cracked and failed concrete pool/spa structure is that they have little to no value. In the absence of close inspection of concrete quality, crack geometry & morphology and core testing by a credentialed professional with expertise in concrete crack evaluations, very little can be stated other than the obvious, "there is visible evidence of a crack". Certain engineers and their self-proclaimed pool experts are selling vending machine variety reports based on limited visual evaluations of these cracked and failed pool/spa structures and doing a great disservice to the public at large.

Can structurally failed cracked concrete pools be repaired?  That depends on many factors specific to the underlying cause of the failure. We have successfully stabilized and sealed many cracked and failed concrete structures in the DFW marketplace. However, a good number of structures had such poor quality concrete (i.e. Gunite or Shotcrete) throughout the structure and/or such poor workmanship that achieving any sort of successful repair was temporary at best or simply not possible.

My pool/spa is cracked and out of level and I'm being told the fix is to break out sections of the floor and install piers under the pool floor then lift and level the structure and mud-jack it?  Certain self-proclaimed pool experts are charging thousands of dollars and offering NO parts & labor warranty for such measures. Anyone considering doing this kind of work on any in-ground concrete pool/spa structure with similar issues should seek guidance from a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer with expertise in failure investigation and evaluations of in-ground concrete pool/spa structures.

We guarantee that you will find many other non-credentialed, uneducated, "Handy Pool Workers" and "Fast Talking Pool Company Owners" that will give you a great sales pitch for less money, but you will not find another company that will match our warranty and deliver the on-site credentialed expertise that Benchmark Pools & Spas brings to your project.