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Skimmer Repair or Replacement

Skimmers can leak and structurally fail requiring complete replacement. This is a major structural repair that should be performed by a credentialed certified building professional with expertise in Skimmer Failures.

Failure Investigation & Evaluation

When you need a highly skilled team of credentialed professionals to investigate a major swimming pool construction failure, we can serve your needs.

Pool Caulk/Mastic Repairs

When your mastic or deck-o-seal, no longer keeps your expansion joint sealed we can remove and install a new seal. Cracked and leaky expansion and control joints can cause clay soils to swell, heave & damage structures.

Project Consultation Services

If you are already under contract with another pool company on a construction project and would like professional credentialed consultation and/or a second opinion regarding your project we can serve your needs and offer professional credentialed consultation/opinion.

Leak Detection & Repairs

Are you experiencing water loss? We utilize state-of-the-art listening devices and diver services for dye testing where indicated. We can locate the leak and make the repair.

Pool Crack Stabilization & Sealing

No other company offers a better warranty on pool crack stabilization and sealing measures in Texas. Our unique methodology has a proven 98% success rate over the warranty term. Get the security of knowing an experienced credentialed pool building professional is stabilizing and sealing your cracked in-ground concrete pool/spa structure. 

Concrete Structure Demolitions

When your concrete structure has reached its useful Service Life and/or you are ready to remove it, we can meet your needs. Our concrete demolition services include removal of all concrete pool decks, pool equipment and visible underground plumbing at the excavated site.