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"it's more than just digging a hole and staging a fancy showroom with a nice website"

Site specific engineered structural design and plans

Site specific subsurface soil investigation and guidance

Portable minuteman drilling for subsurface soil samples

Nuclear Density Testing for Compaction Verification

Material Testing Panels to Verify Concrete Quality

In-situ Core Testing to Verify Concrete Quality

Double-mat Steel and Thicker Walls & Floors

Soil Compaction with Proper Moisture Protocols

Engineered Concrete Decks, Patios & Driveways

"when it's a matter of importance,

It's A Benchmark Engineered project".

Major failure of the retaining wall. This wall had separated from the upper deck approximately 6 inches.

Multiple leaks and failure due to inadequate drainage around the pool site.

Cracked and failed Vanishing Edge wall with notable Improper installation of expensive bisazza mosaic tile.

In the absence of engineering a 500K+ backyard pool/spa project on a multi-million dollar property in the DFW marketplace by a non-credentialed, sales & marketing driven pool company, it took less than 5 years for this structure to experience major structural failures.

when You're not asking the right questions and paying too much attention to fancy sales & marketing tactics, this could happen to you!

what does failure look like?

Here's just a few of the obvious failures on this project.