Skimmer Repair or Replacement

Skimmers can leak and structurally fail requiring complete replacement of the concrete skimmer box. This is a major structural repair that should be performed by a credentialed certified building professional with expertise in skimmer failures.

Failure Evaluation & Inspection

We provide failure evaluation and inspection services. In cases where litigation is being considered, we can bring together a highly skilled team of credentialed professionals to investigate major swimming pool construction failure.

Site Specific Subsurface Soil Testing

Test the soil at the pool site. A comprehensive report of the site specific subsurface soil conditions at the pool site with recommendations provided by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer with expertise in geotechnical engineering.

Structural Crack Repair Experts

Our unique methodology has a proven 98% success rate over the warranty term. No other company offers a better warranty on pool crack stabilization and sealing measures in Texas.

Leak Detection & Repair

We utilize state-of-the-art listening devices and diver services for dye testing where indicated. We can locate the leak and make the repair.

Structural Engineering Plans

Provide a complete set of structural plans based on the site specific soil test and findings. Services provided by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer with expertise in structural engineering.

Concrete Material Testing

Obtain test panels of the concrete material during placement to verify the specified minimum strength requirements have been met in accordance with ACI/ASA.

Architectural Design & Concept

Generate a professional design and concept with renderings for your new swimming pool project provided by a Texas Licensed Architect.

for projects starting at $300K+

failure evaluation & inspection

project consultation services*

repair solution specialists

*Professional consultation services for our distinguished clientele start at $1,500.00 for first meeting up to 3 hours in duration. By appointment only.